Private Network

Secure Communication

The first and most import step to cellular security is to not be on the public internet. A secure VPN from your cellular device directly to the carrier offers maximum security for your edge devices.

Edge Router and VPN

ERP has already done the work of setting up the data center equipment and established the secure VPN directly with the carriers. This means ERP can have a network up and running for your application in days not weeks. Our expert Network engineers manage all the networks so you can rest knowing the network is managed 27/7.

Monitoring & Support

ERP monitors private network traffic and the equipment the networks run on. In addition to traffic and load balancing ERP monitors for malicious behavior and maintains the latest Cisco security software to defend against bad actors. In most cases ERP is correcting issues before these can interrupt your enterprise.

Custom Network Solutions

ERP provides a complete suite of Network solutions to fit most any need. If you have a special situation or are looking for a custom network solution contact ERP today.