Managed Services

ERP works with you to design and deploy your fully managed IIoT program. Edge equipment, device commissioning, supply chain, warranty, firmware management including upgrades, cellular, cloud services, security and asset tracking while providing your team a help desk supporting every part of your IIoT enterprise. Our managed service means fewer surprise costs, less downtime, increased efficiency, and peace of mind allowing you to focus on your core business.

Data and Visualizations

Turning data into valuable information and insights is the payoff of your IIoT deployment. ERP coordinates and manages the integration and maintenance of systems required to both collect and then convert your data into the tools that fuel your success.


ERP's support desk provides a single point of contact for your team. Gone are the day's of contacting different providers when questions arise. ERP supports the entire solution equipment, cellular, software and operational questions. One phone call to manage it all.

Device Management

Starting with device commissioning to firmware updates ERP's program solves the challenges of hardware supply chain to asset tracking.

SIM and Cellular Network Management

ERP provides secure Private cellular networks with the major carriers. From activation to device and network monitoring ERP manages all of the details while monitoring performance 24/7. Using the latest in Cisco Technology and secure networks ERP offers a best of class network services and security for small and large deployments.