Thor Digital Monitor Model L200

Remote Monitoring, Reporting, Alerting and Management of your Analog Sensors / Dry Contacts / Modbus Pyxis brand sensors

Thor Digital Monitor Model L200

Introducing THOR Digital Monitor that is part of a fully connected end-to-end platform. THOR digital monitor support analog, dry contact and modbus inputs. With on board loop power, integrated cellular and LAN communications. Plug in and you are up and running. Manage your THOR Digital Monitor with ZEUS Cloud Software. Mobile apps make access simple while you are on the go. THOR and ZEUS is the easy to deploy, easy to use solution that you have been looking for.

Stunning Features


THOR Digital Monitor supports a wide range of industrial monitoring applications. Advanced software with intuitive programming supports remote and onsite management for all of your monitoring needs. Single and Enterprise industrial applications can be managed and monitored using ZEUS, ERP’s cloud software. Programming, Monitoring, Analytics, Notifications and more are all included with ZEUS software.

Technical Specifications


• CAT 1 cellular modem with dual antenna
• Ethernet (rj45) – default DHCP
• Modbus TCP/IP
• User configurable IP settings – supports static IP
• 4 – 20 Character LCD Screen
• 1 Ethernet port
• 1 RS232 Port (rj45)


• Enclosure: 304 Stainless steel welded construction
• Nema 4x: paddle lock loop latches
• Dimensions: 10x10x4
• Shipping weight: approx. 7 lbs.


• Input: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz
• Loop Power: 24vdc at 2.5 amps – max 58 watts


• Ambient temperature: 0°- 50° C
• Relative Humidity: 0 -90% non-condensing

Universal Sensor Input

• 4 Analog inputs (24vdc loop powered), supports 2,3 and 4 wire inputs
• 4 Software configured dry contact (pulse, hZ, contact)
• Pyxis Digital Sensors

Digital Probe Benifits

Probe Level Diagnostics

Supports Pyxis Brand Digital Sensors

Controller-Based Programming & Calibration

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