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New Technology. New Software.

The last two years have introduced a host of new challenges

Business owners and managers are contending with covid related customer visit restrictions, supply chain delays, staff shortages and increased travel costs. To stay competitive and grow your business it is time to look at new ways, new technology, that meet these challenges head on. From a single installation to enterprise deployments, bring your business into the next generation, TODAY!

ZEUS Cloud platform is the central hub to configure, monitor, and report

From a single portal you have access to one, or all, of your customer sites. Managing controllers and monitors, setting up alerts, creating log and service reports, viewing activity logs, data export, managing customers and contacts and more is accomplished from anywhere, anytime, in one central location. No more stale, static data. With ZEUS you will have access to near real-time data at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime, all the time.

There are times you need to be on site

THOR DIGITAL Devices meet most on-site equipment control and monitoring requirements

With built in communications, gateways are a thing of the past. You will love the intuitive set up and programming. THOR Controllers come fully loaded, no extra cards to order, at a competitive price. Simplified ordering and shorter lead times will streamline your business processes. THOR Controllers are digital ready and support traditional probes out of the box. The free Android and IoS mobile apps keep you connected while on the go.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and ERP is here to help you and your team. With our library of tutorials and videos, getting your team up to speed has never been easier. Our U.S. based help desk is happy to take your phone calls.

ZEUS And THOR Will Transform Your Business

● What took hours now takes minutes
● Reduce expenses
● Reduce travel costs
● Increase customer engagement
● Gain a competitive advantage
● Increase customer retention
● Increase employee retention
● Easy to use and deploy

We hope we have caught your attention!

Contact ERP today to learn how ZEUS and THOR can help you meet today’s challenge with today’s technology, It is time to make technology work for you.