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  • Control
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  • Manage all of your systems from a central secure cloud application
  • Mobile apps for full access and control on the go
  • Increase customer engagement and retention

Speed Up the IIoT Deployment Process

Is building an IIoT solution taking too much time and investment?

Energy Resource Products can get your company to market 5X faster on budget. We’re specialists in customized IIoT solutions, providing end-to-end management of device assets, connectivity and data visualization. Moreover, Our Rapid Delivery Model, prior to making large capital investments, helps companies to test a working proof of concept in a matter of weeks.

Need an IIoT solution with more timely ROI?

Get to Market Faster with Energy Resource Product’s Rapid Delivery Model

End-to-End Managed Services


Most companies are simply not staffed to deploy and support an IIoT solution, especially across multiple facilities and distributed sales forces. Traditional software development paths taken by IT staffs, working with multiple vendors and equipment, are slow and cumbersome.  IIoT vendors who offer a one-size-fits-all solution often leave companies to coordinate multiple services. Both approaches can take months to complete.

Energy Resources Products offers a single-source IIoT approach to prevent common missteps across multiple vendors. End-to-end managed services include five critical steps to achieve timely ROI and cost efficiencies.


We get to know your business prior to proposing specific applications and technology. Our deep discovery process is key to building a customized IIoT solution based on your goals — such as cost reduction, revenue enhancement, service/maintenance issues, competitive pressure strategies and more. Therefore, The correct application will be the most cost-effective and successful for your specific business goals.


We address all required IIoT components and the possible need of equipment and software upgrades to ensure compatibility and avoid mission creep. We work with you to select or design compatible end-point devices to capture the desired data. However, Your learning curve is compressed due to our extensive experience and partnerships in all key equipment segments – connectivity platforms, gateways and cellular carriers.


From a security perspective, fast and safe IIoT deployment is possible with our Private Cellular Network — featuring state-of-the-art Cisco hardware for connecting at the edge with both major carriers.
This capability removes a barrier to entry by eliminating the time and cost to set up and maintain your own network services. What’s more, you save time and frustration by outsourcing the assembly and/or loading the software application. We also negotiate reduced cellular data costs with carriers, as well as activate service and manage the SIM process. You receive one standard rate, one bill for multiple carrier use


To manage the transported data, we determine how to collect and aggregate key performance indicators for real-time information on a single data store
You can choose to use our data store hosting solutions, work with a large, national service or host your own data store. No matter which hosting option, we manage full data analytic development and deployment via dashboards, reports, real-time alerts and business intelligence.


End-to-end managed services include one central point of contact for troubleshooting. That means one person to call versus multiple vendors
We provide your field personnel with a Help Desk for communications and device-specific support. Save time, frustration and cost.

Success Stories

As one company’s cellular bill skyrocketed, the ability to track hundreds of endpoints was becoming more challenging with each new deployment. Energy Resource Products’ Managed Service Program was engaged to reduce cellular costs and track endpoint devices, This eliminated 100% of the day-today workload, improved the overall business and doubled the installed base.

A national wholesale company with multiple distribution centers required detailed data and reporting for its facilities, coolers and freezers. Energy Resource Products deployed a complete IIoT solution that, in addition to monitoring our solution, provides analytics of system performance, notification and daily reporting to satisfy corporate and regulatory compliance requirements.

A university working with private enterprise required a way to monitor and report on remote water treatment units located in harsh outdoor environments. Energy Resource Products developed and deployed a solution that covered sensors, power monitoring, cellular communications, notifications and reporting.

An energy software company needed a way to automate its data collection, including electrical, gas, water, steam and solar. Energy Resource Products developed a solution that automatically collects interval data and, using our API’s, seamlessly integrated the endpoint data into the energy company’s software. This added greater value to its existing software offering.

Ready to Get to Market Faster?

When you want to speed up your IIoT deployment and manage end-to-end costs, contact Energy Resource Products to learn how our Rapid Delivery Model works for your needs.