Remote Mining Bio-Reactor

A major research University working on the development of a new water cleaning system for the mining industry required a solution to monitor and report on a variety of equipment types from isolated locations on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota. The solution needed to withstand the harsh Minnesota winters and perform for long periods between service visits. ERP integrated sensors and sensor interfaces to remotely monitor and report a variety of operation data including: water flow rates, temperatures, solar charging rates and battery charge levels. As line power is not typically available at these locations, the ERP solution was designed to operate from a solar power supply and battery system. Cellular communications, with a special antenna, provides remote communications for the automatic data collection and control of data collection devices. The ERP solution includes real-time alerting of performance variations and brings all of the data to a single unified dashboard accessible via Internet browser.


Sensors – Sensor Interfaces – Cellular Communication – Equipment Monitoring – Real Time Alerting – Hardened Weather Proof Equipment – Solar Power Monitoring – Dashboard – Real Time Analytics

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