Wholesale Distribution Space and Cold-Chain Monitoring

An international wholesale distribution company needed a way to consistently collect critical environmental data from the operating space and cold-chain within its distribution centers. More than simply collecting data, the distributor was seeking a way to add intelligence to the system to identify issues before they became costly problems. ERP developed an automated solution to collect temperature and humidity conditions across the enterprise for both the shelf space and cold chain. In addition to automated data collection, storage and daily reporting, data analytics was developed to capture critical performance issues specifically for the cold chain. Using real-time analytics, reporting and notifications and cold-chain monitoring included the ability to identify potential issue with cooling and freezer units prior to failure. This feature enables notification of on-site personnel enabling corrective action before product is lost. In addition to site specific tools, ERP’s solution provides a single source for enterprise wide data collection, storage and reporting meeting corporate data collection requirements.


Sensors – Data logging – Automated Daily Reporting – Data Analytics – Real Time Notifications/Alerts – Enterprise Data Aggregation – End Point Intelligence – High Resolution Data Collection – WAN Integration – Dashboards

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