Energy Data

High Frequency Energy Data Collection, Monitoring & Reporting Developers of B3 Benchmarking, an enterprise Building Energy Benchmarking Platform, were seeking to remotely and automatically collect, log and monitor energy consumption across their country wide customer base. Energy usage including gas, electric and water, steam among other sources needed to be collected at main and sub-meters. In addition to sensors for

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Enterprise Cold Chain

Wholesale Distribution Space and Cold-Chain Monitoring An international wholesale distribution company needed a way to consistently collect critical environmental data from the operating space and cold-chain within its distribution centers. More than simply collecting data, the distributor was seeking a way to add intelligence to the system to identify issues before they became costly problems. ERP developed an automated solution

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Remote Mining

Remote Mining Bio-Reactor A major research University working on the development of a new water cleaning system for the mining industry required a solution to monitor and report on a variety of equipment types from isolated locations on the Iron Range in northern Minnesota. The solution needed to withstand the harsh Minnesota winters and perform for long periods between service

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